Artist & Maker, Los Angeles, CA

The Elyse Graham studio is a place where unusual materials and experimental processes are implemented to create a melding of art and object. We let go of labels to design and make with a sense of curiosity, wonder and joy.

Q: You just moved into a new studio so tell us how's it going?!

A: It’s definitely still going…I didn’t really realize what a project it would be when I started.  I have the amazing opportunity to build out the space and make it exactly what I want it to be, which is incredibly exciting, but also a bit daunting.  This will be the first time I’ll be able to have my studio and my office in the same location, so I’m really looking forward to heightened productivity!

Q: The trajectory of your work has been really interesting and heavily based in processes you design. How did this all start and how do you hope to evolve your work moving forward?

A: My background is in sculpture, so I come to design without any formal training or sense of any real rules.  Although I sometimes lament my lack of woodworking skills or 3D design program knowledge, I think I enjoy a certain amount of freedom in that naiveté.  I love the challenge of creating my own processes for the work—experimentation and a sense of wonder are essential aspects of my practice.

Q: In the spectrum of design your work is excitingly bold in its use of color. Is that something you come by naturally or is it because you have the opportunity to experiment with color with relative ease? 

A: I find color and more specifically, the juxtaposition of different colors, incredibly exciting.  I’m having a bit of trouble putting it into words, but there is something thrilling about exploring the unlikely relationships between colors.  As funny as this may sound, I strive to create a conversation between the colors I use in my work—this conversation, whether it be harmonious or discordant is what drives my color choice.  

"I love the challenge of creating my own processes for the work—experimentation and a sense of wonder are essential aspects of my practice."
Q: How would you describe the design scene in LA at this moment in time?

A: It’s on FIRE!  This is such an exciting time in Los Angeles—there is a really interesting conversation between art and design and architecture at the moment.  As a native Angelino, I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  

Photography courtesy of: Elyse Graham

Q: What are your plans over the next year and what are you most excited about?

A: I’m really looking forward to settling into my new studio and exploring new ways of broadening my product line.  This is really just the beginning for me—I’ve been designing and making products for just over a year now and everything still feels very fresh.  I’m as excited as you are to see what comes next!

Elyse Graham / Product Gallery